My Roots is a food consulting company, focused primarily on the use of botanical ingredients, dedicated to improving the quality of food, life and contributing to a healthier future.




Our services are tailored to each client and range from developing new products or menus with local products to advising you on creating the restaurant of your dreams.

Our previous experiences have taken us around the world in very different environments and even in the air. Each of them had different goals, limitations and expectations. The real satisfaction for us was to achieve these goals with the customers.

With a solid experience in the field of gastronomy and business, we are proud to work with a varied clientele who wish to orient their concepts towards maximum success.


Respect  Integrity   Equality   Excellence   Objective


After many years of cooking together, we created My Roots in 2018 to share our knowledge and passions with others.

René Mathieu

Gastronomist, poet, herbalist and vegetable lover. The food he creates contains a high degree of botanical ingredients and is extremely beautiful, which in 2020 earned him the 3rd best vegetable chef in the world and a 1st place for 2021 and for 2022.

Mario Willems

Entrepreneur and epicure, but his real passion has always been cooking from a young age. Working with several chefs around the world and having spent many years in an artisan bakery made him very skilled in the kitchen or in front of a stove.